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Tutorial - How to play Blackjack Online Casino 2019


Blackjack (Also known as Twenty-one) is an exciting game. It is one of the most played games in online casinos. In this game, the players get to compete with the blackjack dealer as they try to get a hand total that is equal to 21. The game has different versions, but in all, the aim and target are the same. More than one players and can play it, and at the start of the game, they get two cards each. What follows next is the gaming decisions each player have to make which includes; Hitting, Doubling Down, Standing and Splitting. Players win (Blackjack) when they get an ace and a jack or when the cards in their hands are equal to a value of ten. Players can still win money without getting a blackjack, but when you hit a blackjack, you get x2 or x3 of the average winning amount. Side bets are also available in some versions of blackjack for players to place on and some of them include; 21+3, Royal Match, Super Sevens, Insurance, Over/Under 13 and more.

Brief History of Blackjack

A lot of people love Blackjack and enjoys the game, but not all know how it came into being. Though there has been no clear source of its origin, it is widely agreed that Black originated in casinos in France from two French card games Chemin de Fer, and French Ferme, around the year 1700. It was called Vingt-et-Un is French as at that time which when translated to English meant twenty-one – hence the other name for it.

history of blackjack

How to play Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game, so players make use of cards. The players stake their bets before play begins, in some cases, the players are allowed to double down while the game is still on. After placing their bets, each player is presented with two cards facing up and the same goes for the dealer except that one out of the two cards will be facing down. In some versions of blackjack like the Blackjack Double Xposure, the two cards of the dealer will be facing up. In games known as multi-hand blackjack games, players are allowed to stake on multiple blackjack hand. The stakes are made separately on each side and are being played independently; they do not act like one. Betting this way is worthwhile as it gives the player more chances of winning and can help a player recover should he encounter a loss in any one of the hands. But, it can be a waste of money when the dealer hits a blackjack, the player loses more than he should have.

When a player calculates his hand total, he has just two significant decisions to make, either to Hit or to Stand. Going for a Hit means that the player wants more cards as he is not OK with his hand total. Going for a Stand implies that the player is OK with his hand total and do not need more cards. A Player can also go for a Bust; this is usually when such a player has a losing hand.

When a player goes for a Stand, the dealer will have to show his card facing down. After that, the dealer starts Hitting to get more cards until he gets to or exceeds 17. A dealer may have to stand on all 17s or to stop on Hard 17s; it depends on the obligation of the game. Once the dealer makes a stand, the cards in his hand will then be compared to that in the hand of the player. Anyone up to or closest to 21 automatically wins. In cases where the two values are the same – a tie – it is called a push and different measures can be taken, but it depends on the rules of that particular version. In some versions, when a push is encountered, the dealer automatically wins in other cases, the players take back their bets.

One other decision players can make during gameplay is a Split. This decision can be taken when a player has two identical cards; he can then split the cards to form two hands of which each has the same value of the main bet. Most versions of blackjack allow a player to perform a Split more than once to form four blackjack hands. Some other versions also enable a player to split a Jack and a Ten, a Queen and a Jack and other ten-value cards. Splitting aces are allowed in some versions, however, in such a case, a player can only hit once and if fortunate enough to get a ten-value card, though not a blackjack the player will win average money.

Rules of Blackjack

Blackjack has different rules, and it depends on which version you are playing. As a player, you should endeavour to check the rules of a particular blackjack game before placing your bets. Below are some rules in blackjack;

Card Values

From looking at a card, you know the card value because the number is written on it. For the symbols, Jacks, Queen, and Kings have a value of 10. You can count an Ace as 1 or 11; it is up for you to decide which and it depends on the total of a blackjack hand it creates. It is called a soft ace when it forms a total when being counted as 11 and a hard ace when it forms a total when being counted as 1.

Double Down

A player can perform a double down when he gets his first two cards. The player is allowed to double down when he gets a hand total equal in value to 9, 10 or 11 or can double down at any value at all, the version of the game decides. Once a player double down, he gets one card, no matter the value, he has to accept it as it is mandatory.

Splitting rules

Earlier talked about splitting and how it works. Players perform a split when they have two identical cards. Some versions allow splitting of aces, and after that, a player is allowed to hit once to acquire another card. A player can also split unlike ten-value cards if the rules of the game permit or split identical ten-value cards. When a player splits, he creates another hand equal in value to the original blackjack hand. You should note that not all versions of blackjack allow splitting.

Surrender Rules

In some versions of blackjack, a player can surrender. It is often seen as a safe because when a player surrenders, he takes back half of his stakes and the dealer carts away with the other, so the player loses just half of his stake instead of all. It is the same thing as folding in poker.

Insurance rules

This is one of the side bets a player can stake on, and it is usually a nice one too. A Player can place insurance when the card of the dealer facing up is an Ace or a ten-value card. He – the player – gets to win the bet if the hand gets a blackjack. The dealer on his part, once he sees that his card is blackjack and a player placed insurance, he pays out immediately.

Black Jack Odds

As a player, you should know the odds of the game, so you understand it correctly. Knowing the odds gives you knowledge about the advantage you have over the dealer and that which he has over you. The fact that you as a player gets to draw first is so much of an advantage to the dealer. You may wonder why; this is because if your first draw is a bust, it is a win for the dealer automatically. This can be seen as a downside to the players so some Blackjack games offer other advantages to the players so things can be equal. Some casinos still go ahead to increase their benefits, so it favours them, so do well to know about the rules of a particular casino before playing. The odds are not equal, and they differ in all blackjack versions. Below are some of the odds;

Odds of Busting based on Dealer’s First Card Drawn

odds when to bust on first dealers card down

Odds of Busting based on Player's First Card Drawn

odds of busting based on players first card down

Some tips to win in a Blackjack game

There is no particular strategy in winning blackjack games; there are basic strategy card you can buy to us, but these below tips will help also;

  • When the dealer has  7-Ace, and your hand is 12-16, you should hit.
  • Stand when you have 12-16, and the dealer has 2-6.
  • Split when you have Aces and 8s
  • Don’t mind your fellow players, concentrate on you and the dealer


That’s it, hope you learnt a thing or two from this Blackjack tutorial. Looking for a casino where you can play Blackjack? There are many casinos online you can use.

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